Since 1985, RGMS Literary Services has provided editorial and publishing assistance to authors, speakers, and public figures:
  • Book development
  • Book and article editing
  • Book marketing / cover copy / tip sheets
  • Author representation
  • Ghostwriting
  • Speech writing
Our highly skilled staff has years of experience acquiring, developing, and editing books for such major publishers as Henry Holt, Random House, Addison-Wesley, and others.

We offer a variety of affordable packages for authors, magazine writers, and publishers. We can develop and edit your book or article, then help you place it with a publisher or self-publish it.

Acceptance of your book by a commercial publisher depends on several factors, including the quality of your book, the popularity of its subject, and a certain amount of luck. Unless you self-publish, neither we nor anyone else can guarantee publication. It’s also important for you to understand that most commercially published books do not make a great deal of money beyond the author’s advance. Unless you write an exceptional book and are very lucky, you will not be retiring to the Bahamas any time soon. What we can do is help you produce your best work and have the best chance for publication.